The Maine Event

A journey through Maine’s wild, untamed landscape 

The Maine Event

Welcome to “The Maine Event”, a trail running experience crafted for the intrepid soul. This seven-day journey through Maine’s most challenging & magnificent landscapes is designed for those who seek adventure in its purest form. From the towering peak of Mt. Katahdin, the demanding terrains of the Bigelows, to the unrelenting grind of the Mahoosuc Notch, prepare to test your limits.

Your expedition will be punctuated with days of intense trail running followed by necessary rest & recovery. Expect to be self-reliant but supported, carrying what you need but guided by our extensive planning, driving, cooking & communication. The days will be tough, the terrain unforgiving, but the reward lies in the experience of the raw beauty in Maine’s wilderness.

Transportation, campsites, logistics & most meals will be provided, along with the tools for navigation & live tracking. This trip is for the experienced people whose bodies can take the terrain ahead & want to experience a great journey, tall stories & memories of a lifetime.

Who Should Come? You, if you’re ready. You must be okay with very hard terrain. You don’t need speed – you just need consistency. Everyone will be slow due to the terrain but it’s those that can take the abuse & march on that will succeed. You will also need to be comfortable with camping conditions, lots of rocks, animals & traveling long distances with all the food & gear required. We will help you with what is needed & techniques for success, but the grit must come within. 

Day 1 – Travel + Meet + Prepare

  • Arrival in Portland, Maine
  • Supply stop
  • Ground transport to destination
  • Set up camp + Dinner


    Day 2 – Mt. Katahdin (10 Miles)

    • Summit Mt. Katahdin – the highest point in Maine & northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail –  by way of the Knife’s Edge or the Saddle Trail

    • Descend via the Appalachian Trail to Katahdin Springs campground

    • Additional time on trail is possible for those looking for more miles

    • Dinner


      Day 3 – Travel + Relax

      • Morning stretch & shake-out run
      • Breakfast
      • Travel to Kingfield, Maine
      • Set up camp + Lunch
      • Afternoon Activities (Options may include more running, hiking, massages, relaxing)
      • Dinner at restaurant
      • Return to camp

      Day 4 – Bigelow Range (15 Miles)

      • Breakfast
      • Travel to trailhead
      • Hike/Run 15 miles southbound on the Appalachian Trail through the Bigelow Preserve – experiencing dense forests, rocky peaks & spectacular views of Maine.
      • Dinner


          Day 5  – Travel + Relax

          • Breakfast
          • Travel to Bethel, Maine
          • Set up camp + Lunch
          • Afternoon Activities (Options may include more running, hiking, massages, relaxing)

          • Dinner
          • Prepare for the hardest upcoming day

          Day 6 – Mahoosuc (8 or 26 Miles)

          • A day of epic proportions, you will enter the Mahoosuc Range. It’s a place of steep terrain, alpine bogs & the Mahoosuc Notch – the notorious “hardest & slowest mile on the Appalachian Trail”.
          • Options include an 8 mile route, exiting just after the Notch (with out & back miles later in the day if desired.) Or experience the entire range in 26+ miles, crossing by foot from Maine into New Hampshire.
          • Please keep in mind that it can take up to 20+ hours to do the full 26 miles. It’s that difficult.
          • Dinner

          Day 7 – Departure + Reflection

          Pack up & head towards the airport with a stop for one final group meal, sealing the experience of the wilds of Maine in camaraderie & shared memories.



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            8/18/2025 – 8/24/2025 (7 Days)



            *50% deposit required. Remaining balance is due 30 days before the event.
            Payment processing will start once you have been approved.
            What We Provide
            • Transportation to all stated trailheads, camps & airports. 
            • Camping spots
            • Trip logistics & route planning
            • Large duffel bag to carry all gear shipped ahead of time to participant 
            • Packing list
            • Printed maps
            • GPS files
            • Breakfast – (Day 2 -7)
            • Dinner – (Day 2, 4, 5, 6) 
            • Packaging of gear when needed due to time
            • Beer & mixers
            • Cooking materials
            • Water
            • Electrolytes
            • All permits & park entrance fees
            • Long sleeve tech shirt hoodie 
            • Professional images & videos of the adventure
            Not Provided
            • Airfare
            • Guides – Although we might be on the trails with you, this is an unguided trip. Runners must be able to take on navigation & all the adventure these trails could throw at you.
            • Any camping gear, unless rented
            • Travel insurance
            • Extra expenses due to a change in itinerary or in case of you having to shorten the day or trip as a whole (including personal return trips to the airport/next destination/etc.)
            Required Gear
            • A small one/two man tent or bivy. The smaller, the better – as we have limited space. If you are traveling with someone, consider sharing a tent to save space. Tent rentals are also available.
            • A filtered water bottle. Our favorites are the Salomon or Katadyn. This is a requirement, as you must go long distances without water from the crew.
            • Your duffle bag that is sent to you before the trip. This will be where all your stuff is carried.
            • Cell phone
            • Headlamp with extra battery (or two headlamps)
            • Three extra water bottles besides the filter (or a large bladder equal in capacity)
            • Software that supports GPX files (Our favorite for this particular endeavor is Gaia GPS. You can also download the maps here for offline use.)
            • Appropriate clothing/layers for the weather
            • Wind breaker jacket (Our favorite is the Houdini)
            • Puffy coat for night time
            Weather Policy

            During the late summer months, the weather is typically pleasant; however, it is crucial to note that mountain weather can be unpredictable & may change rapidly. Trail conditions can shift drastically within hours. Consequently, hiking routes may be adjusted to ensure the safety of all participants. It’s important to add that while runners have the discretion to continue under adverse weather conditions, this decision must not endanger the crew or other individuals. Safety remains our top priority, and we reserve the right to alter plans as necessary to maintain a secure environment for everyone.