Race Management

Hardwin Adventures

HardWin Adventures is a race company that is dedicated to its community. We work to ensure that adventure will be had if needed.

As part of our roadmap we want to help other race directors with the success of their business. So we offer help in three areas.



One thing I have always disliked about trophies is their lack of customization options. When customization is available, it often comes at a high cost. HardWin offers a solution with the ability to create custom trophies at a reasonable price. Want your race logo in 3D with the runner’s time and name on it? We can do that. We design your trophy from the ground up and ship it to the runners after the race or to the race director beforehand. Our 3D printers and technical software enable us to create almost anything. In addition to printers, we also have engravers and cutters to achieve the look you desire.



    HardWin offers comprehensive event management services. We can assist you in planning and organizing your event from start to finish. For timing, we provide two options: manual bib timing and RFID chip timing. Additionally, we offer cameras and photography services, a race clock, and a race arch at the finish line to ensure that every runner is accurately recorded.

    Printing and Merchandies

    We have the capability to print on almost any item you can imagine. Whether it’s shirts, mugs, pint glasses, shorts, socks, or any other merchandise, we’ve got you covered. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures vibrant, long-lasting designs that will make your event stand out.

    In addition to our extensive printing services, we offer laser engraving for those who seek a more personalized and sophisticated touch. From intricate designs to custom text, our laser engraving can add a unique element to your event items.

    Let us assist you in pricing out your next event, ensuring you receive high-quality products at a competitive cost. With our wide range of customization options and commitment to excellence, we can help make your event truly unique and memorable. Partner with us for all your printing and engraving needs, and watch your vision come to life in stunning detail.

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