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Welcome to Hardwin Adventures, your gateway to a world of thrilling challenges and unforgettable experiences.

I would first like to say that HardWin is not possible without the community, and especially our hardworking volunteers. We ask a lot, and because of them, this company is able to host these events. Thank you.

If you are reading this, then congratulations on winning this cosmic lottery. Now it’s time to go out and seek the rewards this life has to offer. Here, we’re all about pushing boundaries, embracing the extraordinary, and tapping into your inner adventurer. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to ignite your passion for adventure and help you uncover the incredible potential that resides within you.

As you navigate through our website, you’ll find a diverse array of events that cater to all levels of experience. From heart-pounding races through rugged terrains to strategic challenges that test your wits, we have something to spark the fire in every adventurer’s heart.

But Hardwin Adventures is more than just a collection of exciting activities; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who believe in living life to the fullest. It’s about forging connections, creating lasting memories, and discovering the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

So, fasten your shoelaces and prepare for the journey of a lifetime. Life is meant to be an extraordinary adventure, and we’re here to help you make it happen. Dream big, explore often, and embrace the spirit of adventure that defines us.

Welcome to Hardwin Adventures, where epic challenges await and bold dreams become reality.

Adventure Awaits!

Warm regards,

John Hardin
Hardwin Adventures

HardWin Adventures began its journey in Nashville, TN in 2010. The concept for the company was conceived after an exhilarating day in the Smokies, where we resolved to share such adventures with the wider world. The name “HardWin” is a fusion of the original partners, Cody Goodwin and John Hardin, two intrepid souls often spotted scaling towering rock faces and traversing the dense forests of Tennessee. Our inaugural race, the Sasquatch Trot, challenged participants to a 6-mile course through a family farm, navigating unmarked paths in the uninterrupted wilderness. Reflecting on our humble beginnings, it’s remarkable how far we’ve come.

Today, the company hosts approximately 10 events annually, offering running vacations, timing solutions, customized trophy equipment, merchandise printing capabilities, trail-building equipment, and training opportunities for our local community.

Our Roadmap:

– Organize free events to foster community and raise awareness for those in need.
– Spotlight and support other outdoor companies.
– Provide complimentary training.
– Offer volunteer vacations.
– Establish a donation-based charity to aid community members facing significant challenges.

– Continuously expand and enhance our race offerings.
– Develop innovative tracking solutions.
– Explore opportunities for international events.
– Introduce new events catering to diverse communities beyond running.
– Refine existing races while extending our reach within them.

Adventure Vacations:
– Curate adventure vacations across the U.S. and international destinations.
– Design bespoke, intimate adventure experiences.

Tracking and Timing:
– Invest in advancing tracking technology (more details forthcoming).
– Enhance current tracking RFID systems.
– Assist smaller race directors or communities in need by providing affordable race capture solutions.

– Utilize our manufacturing capabilities to produce unique, essential products.
– Expand customized trophy manufacturing to enable other race directors to offer distinctive awards.