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Waterfalls, Ever-long Plateau Overlooks, and Good People



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The Course – The Caney Fork Ultra event, taking place in Sparta, Tennessee, offers both a 50K and a 20K trail run. The 50K course features a combination of single track and gravel routes through scenic landscapes including Bridgestone Firestone Centennial Wilderness WMA, The Nature Conservancy’s Bridgestone Nature Reserve, and Scotts Gulf Wilderness State Park. Participants will encounter stunning overlooks and cross multiple waterfalls. The 20K route follows similar picturesque trails with notable sites like Yellow Bluff and several waterfalls. Both races promise adventurous terrains with water crossings, starting and ending at the Big Red Barn in Chestnut Mountain Ranch.


The Caney Fork Ultra has been shortened to a 50k from its previous 40 mile distance since we no longer cross the Caney Fork River. The 50k is ran on a mix of single track and some gravel across Bridgestone Firestone Centennial Wilderness WMA, The Nature Conservancy’s Bridgestone Nature Reserve, as well as one of Tennessee’s newest State Parks, Scotts Gulf Wilderness State Park. Runners will pass beautiful overlooks along the Scotts Gulf Rim and pass no fewer than six waterfalls as well as crossing Copper Cascades along the course, so even though we dont cross the Caney Fork River any longer, you will still get your feet wet!

The new Caney Fork 20k course will be ran along trails in Bridgestone Firestone Centennial Wilderness WMA and Scotts Gulf Wilderness State park. The new course passes Yellow Bluff overlook, giving a beautiful view of Scotts Gulf and the Caney Fork River below, as well as passing Gunstock Falls, Lower Polly Branch Falls, and Copper Cascades. 20k runners will get their feet wet as well!


Race Packets will be picked up on Race morning at our new start/finish area “The Big Red Barn” on Centennial Wilderness Chestnut Mountain Ranch.


50K start time: 6:30 am CDT 3/23/24
20k start time: 7:30 am CDT 3/23/24
Both Races start and finish at “The Big Red Barn” on Bridgestone Firestone Centennial Wilderness Chestnut Mountain Ranch.

Coordinates for “The Big Red Barn” start/finish area are below



Cutoff at each aid station are as follows and are at the discretion of the Aid Station Captain. Runners must LEAVE BEFORE CUTOFF TIMES.

Aid Station 1(Wes Johnson) mile 3.5 – 7:40 am CDT
Aid Station 2(Lost Creek) mile 10.5 – 10:00 am CDT
Aid Station 3(Welch Point) mile 19.5 – 1:00 pm CDT
Aid Station 4(Polly Branch) mile 22 – 1:50 pm CDT
Aid Station 5 (Scotts Gulf Rd) mile 26.5 – 3:20 pm CDT

*Please note*
Distances between some Aid Stations are quite a bit further than what you might be used to. This is due to the fact that trails in Scotts Gulf can be extremely remote and access is very limited by road. Make sure that your water is full and that you have enough food to make it to the next Aid Station. The 50k course is extremely remote and rugged in many areas along The Caney Fork River!


The 20k will have one Aid Station which will be the Scotts Gulf Rd Station at approximately half way. There is no cutoff at the Aid Station for the 20k. The overall 20k Race cutoff is 5 hours or 12:30 pm CDT.


We do not allow refunds or transfers. If for some reason you cannot attend the Race after registering we may defer your registration to the following year.





We are thrilled to once again host a ruck division for each race. For the uninitiated, rucking is typically described as walking/hiking with a weighted pack. The activity gets its name from “rucksacks,” which is military-speak for “backpack.”

Per typical ruck standards, the weight requirement is determined by body weight:
Over 150lb – 20lb dry
Under 150lb – 10lb dry

Please plan to weigh in 30 minutes prior to the event start.

Weight must be in the form of a steel ruck plate, weight vest blocks, bumper plates or other items which have the weight clearly stamped. Removal of plates or reduction of weight during the event is not authorized. Honor system applies. Do the right thing.

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Tracy City, TN


Last Weekend of November


Can I bring my dog? Yes, as long as it is leashed.

What is the elevation per 13 miles? Around 3,500ft.

Is this a full half and marathon distance? Yes, it is. We actually think it is slightly over due to the new trail.

More trails for your money!!
Is there camping available? Yes, but please check with TN parks and reserve a spot through their site.