July 20, 2024 - July 21, 2024    
9:00 am


Music City Trail Ultra
2150 Sams Creek Road, Pegram, TN

Event Type


Welcome to Hell Mary. This is a race based on speed. There are no hills, no downed trees, or caves to fall into. The goal is to see what you can do, we give you an open field trail course built for speed. No excuses except for the heat. Runners will start at the line and will have access to their 10×10 spot for fueling, and creature comforts.

The rules are similar to a run we put on called Black Toe which means you should bring a dish. However we will have limited food and snacks out for everyone as well. Trust me you want to bring a dish, as the food spread becomes amazing. If you bring a dish you have access to everyone else’s dish. Just look at some of the pictures of the food we have from the event called Black Toe Run. Its a crazy amount of good food that people make or buy from the store. If you don’t want to bring a dish then cool don’t worry about it. Also we give awards for best entree, dessert, and snack. The award is free entry to a future race.

Fuel We Provide:
We will contribute to the dish pile as well. I usually smoke BBQ and make a vegetarian meal. This will be our contribution as we want access to the table as well. We will also have water and Scratch at the water stations.


New For 2024

1. League/Club Option – There will be a 12 hour option for leagues, clubs, and teams. Think your crew has what is takes? Bring it! You have the option of up to 8 runners at a discounted cost per runner.

2. Night Run – A lot of request for a night version only in the 2023 Hell Mary. Well here it is. Run the night and avoid the sun. Also it is great training for night running.

2. Night Only Events – We have running options in the night only. This helps in the summer months and also helps train mental night training.



All parking will be outside of the field. Parking is similar to Music City Trail Ultra area. We allow vehicles to come on the course to drop material they then must leave and park near the house. We also have side by sides to help carry your stuff out if you need help at the end.

Fun Stuff

We understand that this will also be a party. Things we are working on are as follows

* We will try to get a pool or possibly damn up the creek for people to cool down in.
* Will focus on cooling stations for the hands as this is the quickest way possible to cool you inner coor temp
* Margarita Machine!!!


We just bought a new chip timing system so all participants must wear a bib on their shorts or shirt. All participants will need to have the bib in the front so our back up system can see your bib number.


We are thrilled to once again host a ruck division for each race. For the uninitiated, rucking is typically described as walking/hiking with a weighted pack. The activity gets its name from “rucksacks,” which is military-speak for “backpack.”

Per typical ruck standards, the weight requirement is determined by body weight:
Over 150lb – 20lb dry
Under 150lb – 10lb dry

Please plan to weigh in 30 minutes prior to the event start.

Weight must be in the form of a steel ruck plate, weight vest blocks, bumper plates or other items which have the weight clearly stamped. Removal of plates or reduction of weight during the event is not authorized. Honor system applies. Do the right thing.