Black Toe Run


February 1, 2025    
10:00 am


Event Type


This year we will be creating a jacket system. It goes as follows
1. All jackets will be the same
2. Images on the jacket represent the years attended
3. Jackets are earned the first time you get a jacket is the 5th year of attending.
4. There will be a printed badge system per year. I have not figured this part out yet but will
5. Jackets are free and very nice
6. You must tell me ahead of time if you have earned a jacket. I will then verify.

Description -BLACK TOE RUN – The pursuit of Congelatio

The Pursuit of Congelatio

The Black Toe Run is a 12/24 -hour single-person and team relay that takes place on a trail loop at Hardin Farm in Watertown, TN. The loop is 5-ish miles and features approximately 1,000ft of vertical gain.

The relay will include teams of 2 or 4, however, individuals may endeavor to complete the challenge solo. We are not responsible for frozen phalanges or lost minds as a result of this decision! The goal is to complete as many loops as possible in the given time. Simple, right?!

Location and Start Times
Hardin Farm
10010 Statesville Road
Watertown, TN 37184

The starting time for all races is: 10 am, Feb 1, 2025 unless you are doing the 48 which starts 24 hours earlier
Races conclude at 10 pm (12 hr) and 10 am (24 hr) the following day if that simple math was too much for you.

A brief awards ceremony will follow the conclusion of the 24 hr event.

Event layout

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Plans have been drawn up to build a small new section of trail which brings the course loop back to exactly 5 miles.

100 miles in 24 hours has never been achieved by a runner, male or female. Several stout athletes have tried and failed. The first person who completes 100 miles in 24hrs will have a statue built of them or take home a $300 prize (we are only mildly kidding about the statue, we really want to see someone do this!).

Back again this year is a custom beer stein awarded to anyone, male or female, who achieves 50 miles in 12 hours.

Aid Station
One of the best things about this race is the community atmosphere. While we provide water, electrolytes, and traditional aid station fare, it has become a tradition that each runner offers something to the table when they arrive. Homemade baked goods and smoked BBQ, have been some favorites in the last few years.

We are thrilled once again to be working with our favorite brewery, Jackalope, to pour you tasty craft beer all day and night long.

Since the barn is our only aid station, it goes without saying that we’ll also set up some Porta John [Hardin]s for you, allow you access to any outlets that aren’t currently occupied by a slow cooker or coffee pot to charge your phone (until the fuse blows, which it will), and light up a really impressive bonfire once it gets dark.

Race Rules
One runner (per team) is allowed on course at any given time.
Each runner must mark their time on the board when returning back from the loop. This is the only way we can keep track of your time and is based on the honor system.
Each team member must complete at least one lap every 12 hours unless a team member has been injured.
Runners are responsible for your own warmth, sleeping tent, and winter survival. Keep this in mind, as January weather in Tennessee can go nuts quickly.
At the conclusion of the race, runners are given a 15 min grace period to finish their final lap, after which a mile of their total will be deducted for every 15 min they are late (for example, at 10:15 one mile is deducted, at 10:30 two miles, and so forth).
Littering on the course will subject you to disqualification
Due to the extreme weather at this time of year, we reserve the right to cancel the event at any time. Final results will be calculated based on each runner’s placement at the call time as determined by that runner’s last completed lap. This rule is intended to be a last resort.
If you are struggling at any point, race officials have the right to evaluate you, and it will be their call if you will be allowed to continue. These decisions will be made with your safety and desire to finish in mind.
Runners may have crew support every lap. The crew must stay in the designated area on Slug Fest Row (aka the barn, or start/finish area), and are not permitted on the course.
When checking in you will be asked to show your required materials described below. If you do not have these items you are subject to disqualification


HardRuckbr />We are thrilled to once again host a ruck division for each race. For the uninitiated, rucking is typically described as walking with a weighted pack. The activity gets its name from “rucksacks,” which is military-speak for “backpack.”

Per typical ruck standards, the weight requirement is determined by body weight:
Over 150lb – 20lb dry
Under 150lb – 10lb dry
You may use anything you wish (steel plate, bricks, sandbags, etc) to comprise your dry weight but all food and water must be removed before weigh-in. Any weight removed during the event will result in disqualification from any standings as well. Honor system applies. Do the right thing.
Please plan to weigh in 30 minutes prior to the event start.