Sasquatch Trot  - pre-race details

Sasquatch Trot – pre-race details

Good afternoon racers!
We hope this fantastic fall weather finds you well! Just over a week from today, you will go down in history as the first crew to toe the line of the soon to be legendary Peaceful Hill Sasquatch Trot!
First and foremost, we want to say, “Thank you!” Thank you for supporting this event, all your kind words and well wishes, and agreeing to run our love-child with Nature!
Pat yourself on the back for taking a chance on two dreamers, and for dedicating a fall day to the great outdoors!
Now, what do you need to know to survive and thrive during the Sasquatch Trot? Well, let us give you some pertinent information that will help you enjoy the race, and also keep you from getting lost!
The location is
10010 Statesville Rd
Watertown, TN 37184
A google map from Nashville is here:
This will take you right up to the house! Parking is just behind the main house near the large red barns. Please be sure to follow the signs.

Arrive anytime between 7-9am, follow the signs to the top of the hill. This is home to the finish line, bathrooms (that aren’t port-o-johns), and the post race cookout.
There will be a sign-in table where we will give you your race bib with safety pins and your shirt (if you ordered one or helped us out!). Also, Yelp may be present with a booth, where you can give them your email and get a free tote!
At 9:30am we will shuttle runners to the start line via a hay ride/ trailer ride.
Please be sure that you have used the restroom before taking this hayride as there are no Poratable Toilets at the starting line.

We will have a brief prerace meeting where we give necessary info and hugs, and then the race starts at 10AM SHARP!
This is when you sprint for 100m, get a cramp, walk a bit, then find your pace (at least that’s how we race!)
This following section is incredibly important! So PLEASE READ!

The first loop around, everyone will follow the PINK flagging! We will have signs pointing the way, but please look at both the trees for flagging and arrows we have painted on the ground.
Flags will be placed in the fields to help guide your path in certain areas. If you are on a major trail, stay on this trail unless you see a sign taking you off!
If you would like to read all the gorey details, there is a course report at under the news section. Also, please contact us with ANY and ALL questions!
After the first loop is finished, 5 mile participants will turn left at the entrance down the main drive and follow signs and flags through the fields and barns to the finish. Beware the great sasquatch and George Jones’ wrecked car!
12 mile participants (woohoo!) will continue back through the starting section of the 5 mile and now follow the YELLOW caution tape marked course. Again, please follow signs, arrows, volunteers, flagging, all these things are at your disposal, so use them!
The 12 mile is serious. This is both John Hardin and Cody Goodwin serious. And I think it might even be Jonathan Schmidt and Andrew Orr serious. Definitely Jim Giordano on a mountain bike serious! So have fun!
We love this course, and hope you do too!
We have spent countless weekends marking this course to make it as followable as possible, but I’m sure someone will take a wrong turn. That’s okay! Ask us where you went wrong, get back, and keep running!

Also, there is one main aid station that you will come to as your 2nd, 5th, and 6th aid station. It will have Gu, pretzels, M&M’s, and whatever other requests we get (so send them in!). Also, all aid stations will have Gatorade and water (I’ll mix up a batch of perpetual for Andrew the night before).

At this aid station, tell the John how many times you’ve come to this section, and he will point the direction to go.
The first time, everyone is still following pink flags, the second time, you will follow a different path to attack Rattlesnake Hill, and the final time you will go the same path as the first time, onward to the finish!

Okay, whew! That was a lot, but the more you know before, the better it will be!

After you finish, we will have burgers (veggie and grass fed) cooking, some beer and other drinks, and good times! Please bring chairs or a blanket! We will have cups and plates as well but we ask that you bring your own so that we keep the waste down to a minimum
When we have enough finishers, we will do trophies, and present the sasquatch sculptures to the winners! We have thought long and hard about what to do with these, and think it is best to have them stay at the farm with each year’s winner and their time posted on a plaque. If anyone thinks this is a poor idea, let us know!

Many are camping out this night on the BIG HILL, so please let us know if you intend to stay. For people who are camping please be sure to bring food for yourself that night.

Okay, let the questions fly! I know we’ve left things out, so ask, ask, ask!