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Hello Climbers – I wanted to let you know that Ragnarök – Foster Falls Endurance Climb Comp is a go! We will be hosting the event on May 20th. All profit for this event will go to TN parks who in return will donate the funds to the climbing community. The only revisions I have made for this year is the food option at the end, and lowering the cost. 

Be Good
– Hardin




When: May 20th, 2017 at 8am-8pm

Where: Foster Falls State Park 

Ticket includes – Shirt, beer, awards, entry into the event, and if you win your category you get entry into 24HHH without being put on the waitlist!


Hello climbers! We are very excited to announce the 5th annual Raganarok Climb Comp!  

Ragnarok Description

Do you like bullet Sandstone, Mexican food, and climbing in jorts? Ragnarok Climb Competition is an outdoor sport and trad climbing endurance event that will test mental and physical strength. The objective is to climb as many routes at Foster Falls within a 12 hour period. Come join us and achieve something great, while helping to further build the southern climbing community. A portion of the proceeds go to Tennessee State Parks and the SCC.


Each entry allows you to be entered to wiIf we find out that you’re climbing below your category level just to win entry, we will seek you out and beat you. Seriously don’t do it. I pride the climbing community with being very honest, so let’s keep it that way.

General Package $60.00 per competitor 

  • Entry into Ragnarok 2017
  • Large Beer at the Mexican restaurant 
  •  Shirt
  • Chance to win entry into 24HHH from winning first place in the category for Team  with the Most Routes Climbed


Ragnarök – Foster Falls Endurance Climb Comp Event Details: 

These rules reflect the years of experience of 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell and are influenced significantly by this event. For this we thank Andy Chasteen and all those involved in the iconic 24HHH.

General: We all know Foster Falls is home to some burly routes but there have also been some new lower routes added recently to help intermediates.  All routes grades will be open to climb but grade difficulty and height will determine the amount of points given. That said, we encourage any competent lead climber to participate.  Please note there is no beginner category as Foster does not have enough routes to support the category for 12 hours. Please sign up for the appropriate category that reflects your current climbing ability.


Intermediate may climb 5.10d and below.

Advanced may climb 5.11d and below

Elite may climb any route for points. You and your partner may be in two different categories.


  • Climbers will be scored on a per route basis. Each route may be climbed twice per person for points.
  • If a team is on a route, they may do all their pitches before relinquishing a route.
  • If a route is two-pitches, you get scored for each pitch. For example, climbing Story of My Life will bag two routes for each clean send (one for the 5.7 to the ledge, and one for the 5.11a for Story of My Life).
  • To get scored for a pitch, you must send the route clean. If you fall, you cannot hang at a bolt. You must be lowered and start again, top roping to the fall point, and continuing clean. The last thing you want is for us to catch you cheating.
  • Quickdraws may be left on the wall for your partner or other climbers.
  • You may also climb trad pitches, and the scoring for a trad pitch is one grade higher (for example, a 5.10a trad pitch has the same point value as a 5.10b sport).
  • Climbers are responsible for keeping track of their pitches.

Mandatory Gear: Each team must supply their own rope, quickdraws, harnesses, belay devices, headlamp, and cleaning gear. We will attempt to have carabineers for all routes to make route cleaning faster, but each team must clean the last route of the day. Also, this event is entirely self-supported. This means bring enough food, water, and anything else you may need for the day.


Climbers are responsible for their own safety. The event coordinators have very basic first aid at the event and are not responsible for your safety. By agreeing to do this event, you are taking both yours and your partner’s lives into your own hands. Double-check your partner. Use an auto-locking belay device. Make sure your rope is not thrashed. Wear a helmet. Just be safe. Climb within your abilities, and if you are tired, eat, rest, and be smart. If you get injured, not only is that bad for you, but it may jeopardize the event.



At 8PM, the event ends, and you have 30 min to make it to the pavilion or Mexican Restaurant to turn in your scorecard. Only one team member must be present. The final pitch of the competition, you must retrieve the carabineers from the route you are on, so be sure to carry your cleaning gear all day. If you can get biners from adjacent routes, please help us out however you can. We need all the help we can get with the biner retrieval.


  1. Most routes climbed  Per Category – for first, second, and third place
  2. Highest score
  3. Female – Most Routes Climbed per category
  4. Best costume
  5. Best Team Name
  6. Special custom glorious Ragnarok Beer Mug award for anyone who gets over 50 routes
  7. Best back massage given to John Hardin

Where: Foster Falls FOSTER FALLS MINI POINT GUIDE 2014 – Please know this will change shortly as we need to add new routes and will customize the point system







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