Quick Q&A with Cody Goodwin - Vol State Road Race

Quick Q&A with Cody Goodwin – Vol State Road Race

Quick Q&A with Cody Goodwin – Vol State Road Race
How did this get on your radar? 
This is a race that I’ve followed in the past after Naresh did it about 4 years ago. This year, Jobie had mentioned they were doing a relay in April, and Olaf and I started kicking around a 4 man team. When that fell through, we regrouped and psyched each other into signing up. I immediately regretted the decision.
What is the current record for the course and what are you looking to hit?
The current course record is just under 67 hours. This was set by the legendary Charlie Taylor and a 3 man team. We’ll be gunning for anything under that.
How did you train for this race?
Lots of miles and mile-specific training. Also, I drop a bowling ball on my crotch each morning.
What is the toughest race you have done so far and how does this compare?
I have done a 30 hour adventure race. It likely does not compare at all….
Why would you want to do something like this and would you ever want to take it any further? 
I think this is about as far as I want to take it right now. I’d do long events like this again, but would probably want to stick to adventure racing.
I am interested in doing this because I have a good probability of failing, and I haven’t been able to say that about many races lately.
What is the nutrition plan
Stay hydrated. Pee often. Eat early and often.
Can you tell us a little about your support team and how you suckered them into following you?  
James was super supportive from the beginning, and Jeannette was apprehensive at first, but is all-in and going to be an awesome addition. These two are the ones who deserve all the credit. Crewing is hard, and boring, and thankless. I hope we don’t become divas…
I have heard of runners becoming delusional and actually using that to help them finish the race. I can only assume that this will happen to you both at some point. What demons will help you finish this race? 
I expect guilt will be a big factor for me. I often worry about how selfish running is, and the futility of it all….kind of nihilistic, I guess.
I’m just curious as to what goes on with your thoughts in runs such as this? 
See above…things get dark. But they also think about loved ones, work, life, the future. The natural cannabinoids start flowing and who knows what “brilliant” thoughts you’ll have.
Would you ever consider pulling a Forest Gump and running across America? 

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