Newsletter - 5/19/2015

Newsletter – 5/19/2015

May 19, 2015
Race updates and  stories from the front lines
2015 Highlights

Climb Comp

Interview with Ardian and Luis – 102 Routes in 12 Hours

Be sure to tune in to Tennessee’s Wild Side TV this weekend to watch the Ragnarok Climb Comp appearance. Check out their website for the listing time in your area.

2015 Highlights
1. It rained and it was good
2. Cody Goodwin crushed the mens 50k record 4:16:58
3. Rebecca Murray crushed the girls 50k record 4:54:58
4. I didn’t do a skit… I promise to next time
5. No one took a ride to the hospital
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2015 Highlights

1. The weather, people, and trails were perfect this year

2. Jeff Davis, Matt Denton, Chad Burgess, Scott Simcox and Arthur

Priddy all completed 50 miles

3. Amy  Markovich crushed the women’s category with 40 miles in 12


4. Next year there will be fireworks for the 12 hour and an added 24 hour


5. Oh… and no one took a ride to the hospital!

Upcoming Races


The Cumberland Plateau Stage Race is up for registration. We are looking forward to having everyone come out to the stables and join the madness. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up early as it helps us a great deal with planning food and equipment.


For the next three weeks we will be giving out gift cards to random participants of the CPSR each Friday. The card for this week is $50 to Fleet Feet. We will be announcing the winner on the CPSR FB Page. Be sure to sign up so that you have a chance to win.

The CPSR FB Page is where we will be positing all updates to the race. This year we have added several different payment options, so find what suits you best. Cabins go fast, so be sure to book yours now at EAST FORK STABLES 



The rampage is back and ready for sign up. Currently there are 3 distance options; however, I will be posting a fourth for elites this week. Stay tuned on the FB Page.

Sign up here.



Sasquatch details will be up soon. The race this year will start one week later than last in hope of having a more fall colors.

To stay up to date with the Sasquatch be sure to like our FB Page.


Registration is up. We have around 110 slots left. A lot of runners have been asking about this race and are trying to get in before it sells out. Be sure to get in while you can.


Running The Muir


Running The Muir
By: John Hardin
Near the end of summer Cody Goodwin and I will be running 50 miles of the John Muir Trail in Big South Fork. This trail has been on my radar for some time as it was the first long hike I took in my youth. I can still recall severe pain and blood from blisters on my feet, being scared out of my mind as lightning struck all around our tent, and chiggers galore. It took us four days to finish. I thought, “Why would anyone ever do this?” Two weeks after I could not get the experience out of my head and my love for the outdoors started.
My first concern is not the  distance but the fact that I’m running with Cody. It is all I think about when prepping. I want to perform and not be a hassle for my friend. Another thing that worries me is we will have no aid. Cody’s comment was “We’ll just haul our stuff, we won’t need much.” My hand sweating to his response on the keyboard as I try to act cool, “Okay.”  I will start posting short updates on the News linkat HardWin if you’re interested in hearing about the sure to be ill-fated HardWin Adventure.
HardWin Projects

Trail Days – Trails are hard to make and even harder to maintain; which is why we need the trail running communities help.  Every trail runner should contribute to building trails, so we are going to host a few trail days this year. Please see below if you’re interested. We can be reached at
1. Fiery Gizzard Trail – Date TBD
2. Black Toe Run and Sasquatch – September 12, 2015
3. MCTU – December 12, 2015
Project – Camp HardWin
We’re going to build an epic camp for adults. Stay tuned for all the teasers and updates!!!!





– Hardin