Music City Ultra 25k Trail Run – Christopher Bost

Music City Ultra 25k Trail Run

(Photo Courtesy of Hardwin Adventures)

Pre Race: 
Well I was thinking about going up and camping at the race site but decided that I would rather stay in my bed and just get up extra early and head that way. Next year I will probably camp out because when I had emailed the race directors earlier in the week they said no one was going to camp out but when I got there race morning a few had so probably will go for that option. Anyhow I got up at 3:30 am showered and then headed to Cheatham Co. It was about a 100 miles from my home so that gave me time to relax listen to some good music and watch the sunrise as I went. I finally go the the race site around 6 because I needed to pick up my packet and I pulled into what was in my mind a grassroots race which really made me happy!!! I have done several big races before whit lots of hoopla but this one was just good people doing what they love and sharing there vision with about 200 runners!!! The race site started at the home of one of there family members so that was also neat!! I got my packet and race number and met the guys putting the race on and you could tell they were very excited and appreciative of the runners being there.  They offered me some bug spray but I told them after the emails they had sent about ticks, snakes, bigfoot, and the lockness monster I had brought some.  I went back to the car and started getting my feet body glided up and well as sprayed on some bug spray.  I headed to the restroom and while there I spoke with a guy who did the preview run and he said he pulled almost 30 ticks off himself so after I used the restroom I went back to the car and shellacked a ton of bug spray on me. A good friend of mine got lime disease last year and was in the hospital for three weeks and off work for another three and I could not afford that!!! Finally the race was about to start so we headed to the starting line which was at the gate in the field. Then we got a neat welcome speech with was a spin off of Braveheart blue face paint and all!!!! With that we were off on what was going to be one hell of a journey!!! Check out the video below!!!


And we are off!!! The start of the race headed through the field and then started on what is 20k acres of wildlife management area. As always I tried to position myself where I felt I should be and everything was perfect. Not long after we started we came to the first hill and the long congo lines were back.  We preceded to go up for a good bit on a very steep incline then finally got to the top where we could run a bit. I got into a pretty good rhythm but that was about to end due to what seemed to be the big thorn of my day and that was hills freaking brutal hills!!!! The second grouping came in a power line section. First we got to descend and it was so steep you prayed no one fell because they would not stop till they hit the bottom. If that quad busting downhill was not enough as soon as we got to the bottom this is what we faced:

A mammoth straight up escalator of fun without the escalator!!! This was one hell of a climb that I am sure brought everyone to a crawl. Up, up, and up I slowly went but I kept telling myself just keep moving you will be able to run soon and this will be just a memory then someone mentioned we do this again coming back and I was not looking forward to that(luckily he must of been talking about the 50K because we did not have to do it again!!) Once we got to the top we were able to run and then I noticed all the poison oak or ivy I get confused which is which but it was a constant sea of it we ran though the whole day. Luckily I sit here several days removed and only had a minor breakout. But back to the trail…I would run for a bit and then hit some saw tooth hills so I knew there were more big hills to come so I walked it in. The first mile I did was like 17-19 minutes but the next few were around 11 each so I was playing that mind game….I bet I could finish in x amount of time…little did I know it would be the longest duration run that I have done in many years and mostly due to this!!!

It seemed that once we got feeling good and were able to run we went back down hill.  In several other of the trail races I have done the downhills were great because I could make up some time running but not here!!! These hills were some of the steepest I have ever been on so grin and bear it!!! Finally I made it to the first aid station and was happy because that meant a third of the race was done!!! I refilled my water bottle which I guess now is a good time but I did what everyone warns you not to and tried something new on race day!!! I tried out a waist pack vs just running with my handheld and withing the first quarter of mile I new that was not going to work so I ended up carrying my bottle all day to keep it from bouncing me to death!!! So time to leave the aid station and not far down the road we started backup again on one freaking insane hill go figure!!! It was this time that lots of runners were coming back the other way so it was great to see people coming that way because I knew the turn around was lots closer!!! So up up and up I climbed and finally hit some spots I could run again and so I did. I got into a good rhythm and finally made it to the turn around. I refilled my bottle had some more sport beans and then hey lets just do it all again…well soon after the wheels fell off!!! So I started back down the course and now is where I spend most of the rest of the day alone….which is quite alright to me!!! But now we go back down down down then up up up. What running I was doing now was very little. My IT bands were starting to really begin to flare up but I had a long way to go!!! Before I reached the final aid station I did have a few moments I really had to look for the trail.  The flags that were up to mark it had been kicked over in many sections but luckily they had also marked trees so I did not get off course.  I got to the last aid station and actually sat down for a few moments. I refilled my water bottle and had some peanut m&Ms and then headed back. I met a few other runners coming down the wrong way. They had missed the spot were the trail went back into the woods off the jeep road….I guess I was luckily walking alot at that moment I did not run by it!!! So lots of the last third of the course was on gravel roads and it was here I am thankful I met a lady by the name of Kathleen. We walked and talked for a while then she said lets run some so I did and this got me closer to the end in a much quicker pace!!! Finally a couple miles from the finish my legs were toast so she went on and it was back to me again…I continued to walk just to hurry up and finish then I came to another one of those darn downhills and went down it then got to the bottom and guess what back up again!!!! I so wanted to just stop and sit for a bit but I knew if I did it would just prolong the obvious….I still had a mile left….so Got to the top and started the last downhill. During this final decline between my knees barking my toenails were also throbbing but I was determined to keep going…I mean I signed up for this and paid money no one forced me to!!! I came out of the woods and saw the house as well as heard the music. Something inside said go ahead run get it over with….Hell no I walked it in like a champ!!!! I got to the finish line in 5:02 which was 2:20 minutes slower than my last race which was 3.6 miles less if that tells you how tough this course was. I crossed the finish line and got my awesome finishers medal!!!!

Yes that is vitamin I beside it which was taken in large amounts the next few days….Anyhow I filled my cup up with several glasses of water and then one Jackelope beer headed to the car and I was off back home!!! This course was one brutal beast but you know what I am totally ok with that!!! I will definitely be back next year and hopefully be able to do more of the Hardwin Adventureraces!!! These guys put on a top notch race that challenged not only the physical but the mental!!! Great job guys!!!!