Music City Trail Ultra 25K – John Spencer

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Music City Trail Ultra 25K

Whew, Although I have run in the Cheatham Wildlife Management area once before with Anthony Scanio, I was not prepared for this race today. Even though I had run 2 half marathons under 1:57 in the last two months and ran a tough 10K on Monday in Huntsville and a week ago came in second in my age group in a 5k/25k Biathlon in Waverly I was so not prepared for this toe jamming, horse/deer fly swatting, tick pulling, leg itching, foot tenderizing, quad/calf cramping trail losing, aid station missing jaunt near Pegram.

If you follow the leader, you usually stay on course. Well somewhere in the first 4 – 5 miles I and about 8 more runners ended up on the 10 K course and got back to the start having done only 6-7 miles. The race director was great and let us restart at the ? 5-6 mile point after taking us on a back road (Dry Creek Road) to get near it. I don’t know how far or where I ran today because my Garmin 305 went dark after an hour and a half (too much sweat drizzling into it I am afraid. (I am too worn out to try to figure out which two buttons to hold down to reset the thing now.)

Did I say whew? I prayed for the horse flies to leave me, and they did for a while. Swatting those beasts gave me the most ever upper body workout in a race that I can recall. I prayed for a cooling rain and it didn’t come. (I think God did give the poor soles (souls) doing the 50K some) There were numerous cooling breezes which were much appreciated. My friend, Robin Robbins, from Milan was second in some category (? Masters or grandpa masters) and My relay acquaintance (friend) Johann Murray was third. I was about 3/4ths of a mile from the finish when a younger (I am 58) runner came by and inquired as to my well being. He gave me about 6 oz of H2O which was great since I somehow missed the 12 mile aid station. It has been a long time since I have cramped in my calves and I had cramps today in muscles that previously have not known cramps.

At the finish I laid down hoping the nausea would pass do I could get a burger that was on the grill there at the farm. Johann peeled an orange for me and someone said. “That’s John Spencer” And a pretty lady in a white Swiftwick T said something like. Thats John Spencer? with a hint of excitement in her voice. But I was so worn out I couldn’t even get a little friendly up to try to recruit her for my Ragnar Relay team. I usually try to find out if such good runners are over 40 so I can invite them to run on a masters relay team. (Tammy if you read this let me know if you are 40 or over by IM)

Another lady said with a real friendly familiar tone, “Hey how are you? ” I didn’t recognize her but turned to look at her and and then she said, “You looked like somebody else.” I said “I feel like somebody else” I didn’t have the energy there to try to recruit her either.

I am getting ready for Colorado in August and this was a good workout for that.