Music City Trail Ultra 2014: 25k review

Music City Trail Ultra 2014: 25k review
Posted on March 17, 2014

(photo courtesy of Music City Trail Ultra)

This is the lowlands: the land without mountains. It is the land of farms, of cows, and of lakes. It is the land where cities and towns find comfort in its simple aesthetics. No man or woman ever decided this area would be suitable for a long distance trail. It isn’t high enough. It isn’t mystical enough. It is the lowlands: the land without mountains.

Cheatham WMA is a continuous clashing of hills. It is the perfect place for a really tough race, and the Music City Trail Ultra has brought that to us. After it takes a person and asks for her/his effort, one can truly appreciate the beauty of the place.

THE 25k RACE: Overview

MCTU takes a runner, makes him/her climb hundreds of feet, only to plummet to the original elevation again. This seems to happen regularly, with kinder flat sections intertwined. This process progresses randomly from fields to wooded ridges to creek filled valleys.

(Hardwin Adventures photo): Training run showing terrain

The race elevation demands are lighter in the final 1/3 of the race, and a big downhill proceeds a flat field finish. This gives the race an essential “chase or be chased” quality, that constantly keeps one revving ahead.

The finish is a crowd of friends, some new, all sitting in a field and yelling. A fire, food, and beer await the finishers!

(Hardwin Adventures photo: Finishing is a celebration


Specifics of 25k: (according to Garmin forerunner 10, using strava)

*Course elevation ranges from 400-800 feet above sea level

*7-8 longer climbs, with continuous overall uphill work in <.75 miles (hard to define but usually 200-300 feet gained) *Course has 3 aid station opportunities, with 5 points aid used 2x, an aid at the 25k turnaround *volunteers and race management are awesome *prerace speech from legend of the past is likely *post-race food and atmosphere: 5 stars Recommendations: Come run this race! Awesomely challenging course, 3 distance options, and awesome people. Thanks to Hardwin Adventures, land owners, and volunteers for a great time. Additional Hardwin Adventure Events: Sasquatch Trot: In Fall. Hearing great things about this race! Black Toe Run: Tough trail relay race that can be ran as a team or solo. Pictures (Hardwin Adventures photo) 2014 race start (Hardwin Adventures photo): A Spartan Inspiration Hardwin Adventures photo: John and Andrew, these guys worked all day to make this a great time. Awesome job! (Hardwin Adventures photo) Left to right: Thom Little, myself (Doug Daniel), Ron Brooks (Hardwin Adventures photo) Thom Little and Ron Brooks finish a strong day, winning the 25k outright (Hardwin Adventures photo) (Hardwin Adventures photo) (Hardwin Adventures photo)- Nolan finishing a strong day. He played a full soccer game the night before! (Hardwin Adventures photo)- friends finishing 12k (Hardwin Adventures photo)- Beth Hiett finishing 12k (my awesome Fiance’e !): 1st female (Hardwin Adventures photo)- Cody Goodwin (co-director) wins the 50k (Hardwin Adventures photo)- Friendly race director and his awesome wife! This entry was posted in Uncategorized by DD. Bookmark the permalink.race-start