Llyod Robison - Cumberland Plateau Stage Race

Llyod Robison – Cumberland Plateau Stage Race

Everyone meet Llyod Robison. Llyod will be teaching yoga every morning and afternoon at the Cumberland Plateau Stage Race. Beyond yoga he also gives a mean-massage, which are essential for recovery in a three-day race.  Just contact him if you want to set something up!




Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am a yoga teacher/massage therapist and I’m just a few months away the big 30! I enjoy anything outdoors, live music, water sports, and tennis.


How long have you been in Nashville?

I was born here moved to San Diego in my early 20’s and came back about 4 years ago.


What are your favorite local hangouts?

I live in hillsboro village so I’m usually around the west side. Taproom, Neighbors, Mafiosos are some of my favorites. I’ll go east side too and hang with the hipsters sometimes.


Is it true that your mustache demands the respect of the Gods? 

I cut it off :/. It was a pretty solid handlebar. It required quite a bit of time to brush, wax ect. It will make a comeback sooner or later.


How did Cody and John convince you to come rub on sweaty runners in the middle of the woods?

It was a no-brainer. I love camping, music, beer, I kinda wanted to run one day but haven’t had time/energy to train. I do want to do some hiking and climbing though.


What is the weirdest request you received for a massage?

I haven’t gotten strange requests yet. In school I worked on some interesting folks though. One girl wore the robe on the table. I didn’t really have access to much of her and didn’t really know what to do. That was a super long hour!


What is your favorite style of massage?

I like working with the myofascial tissues and neuromuscular. Thai massage is also something I’m interested in studying more.


How long do you recommend getting a massage for after a big run?

30 minutes to an hour. 30 minutes I can focus on one body part, like legs! With an hour I can work on a few different areas.


Why would runners need to get a massage after running?

After a long run your muscles need love. Massage helps to bring blood flow, which allows for faster healing. I will also apply a stretching technique to lengthen muscles that are short. Most of the time I will find an imbalance as well. Like over-worked quads or one IT band will be way tighter which pulls your body that way. This is likely something to do with how your foot hits the ground. Just by bringing attention to those areas you may be able to change your running pattern a bit.



Who is your favorite massage therapist?

I regularly trade with Meg Kipp and Jenna Wolf. I might try and get them to come along with me as one therapist probably won’t be enough.


How long have you been teaching yoga?

I have been teaching for 1.5 years and practicing pretty seriously for 5 years.


How do you incorporate yoga with giving a massage? 

I’d say I bring massage into my yoga classes more. Lots of the assistance I give relate to the fascial tissue lines and lengthening the short ones.


How can we schedule an appointment with you for the race? 

Just email me. Lloyd7998@gmail.com


Closing comments?

I’m super pumped for this! 3 days of running, camping and fun. I love when my yoga community come together for an event I am excited to experience the running community!


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