Introduction: Josh Johann Pro Tips


I would first like to start things off by saying a little something about who the hell I am before I start tossing around Pro Tips.

My name is Josh Johann, and I’m a nobody.  It’s true.  I wait tables a couple days a week and I’m an average student in college, at best.  I’m currently 5’11” and 165lbs.  I enjoy rock climbing, moving iron in the gym, PBR, monster truck rallies, and laughing at the unfortunate.  I don’t really have any big trophies on my mantle worth mentioning, but I did read a Men’s Health magazine once.


“Dang” -me

Hopefully you’re getting my point here -I’m far from an expert.  When reading, you shouldn’t take literature wholeheartedly.  Honestly, I could be flat out wrong on a subject, and also, science is constantly changing, which makes it pretty dang hard to be correct all the time.  What I say today could completely condradict what I’ve said in the past.  So please, do me a favor by not hesitating to call me out on a subject that seems suspicious (shoot me an email, comment, message me on Facebook,  however).
Now I plan on tossing around some exercising methods and nutritional tips, but should you immediately change your lifestyle because I said eating kale or running sprints are good?  No, first be skeptical of the idea.  Then, if you decide to make a change in your life, you should always consult your doctor -you know, the whole turn your head and cough thing- before ever starting a new diet or exercise program.  Some diets and exercise programs are NOT for everyone.

Err on the side of caution and please take everything with a “grain of
salt” when it comes to your health -you could die of a misprint.

I decided to create this blog for several reasons.  I have had several people, both strangers and friends, ask me questions about nutrition and exercising recently and it hit me about creating something these people can go to for ideas.  Frankly, these people are on the right track, but I think this blog has the potential to really get their minds and bodies going.  I love getting these questions and will always be glad to help whenever I can.  Reason #2, I’m an exercise science major that could use a little extra practice with ingraining the concepts from class to my brain.  Science textbooks can be very dry and difficult to understand with sciency jargon, so I plan on taking the literature from there and making it easier for you to understand.  Moreover, by helping you, I’m helping myself, as well.  We go together like Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze from the movie Ghost.

Seriously though, I’ll try to write about a variety of topics that range from the classroom to personal experiences.  I genuinely hope you can find some useful information here!