100k Pitchell Challenge Runcation

HardWin Adventures’

100k Pitchell Challenge Weekend  

Come suffer in comfort.

If you’re like me, you enjoy three things: long runs on mountain singletrack, great craft beer, delicious food, and a good night’s rest in a cozy bed.  Right, that’s four things.  Well, you get all that plus ping pong — gosh, that’s five! — if you undertake HardWin Adventures’ new 100k Pitchell Challenge, a two-night stay in a five-star cabin for three days of supported mountain trail running at. its. best.  

Let’s start with the run.  The “Pitchell” is 67 miles of singletrack, almost all of it on the Mountain to Sea Trail, and begins on the summit of Mt. Pisgah and ends atop Mt. Mitchell, highest point east of the Mississippi River.  With its 16,000 feet of elevation gain, numerous fast stretches, gnarly technical sections, and jaw-dropping views, the Pitchell offers everything you would want in a mountain run, including support!  Since the Blue Ridge Parkway largely parallels the trail, you are never far from aid or a ride back to basecamp to party and rest and return fresh the next day to pick up from where you left off.  That’s right.  You decide how far you want to run on Friday and Saturday in order to summit Mitchell on Sunday like a boss.  To help you plan your strategy, Pitchell founder and trail running legend Adam Hill – pictured here nearing the end of his sixth Pitchell will be on-hand to offer tips and training.  (Adam does his all in one day with a PR of 13h34m.)

Now for the house.  The spacious cabin – rated “5 stars” on Airbnb for three years running – is nestled just outside of Black Mountain, North Carolina and features spectacular views and all the creature comforts.  Accessed through Blue Ridge Assembly, an historic YMCA conference center, the cabin provides ideal basecamp for some of the best trail running in the South.  Several of Nashville’s well-known trail runnerati have already taken advantage of its unique location to push themselves on its surrounding mountains.  (Insert Marla / James / Karl quotes here.)  

Runners undertaking HardWin’s 100k Pitchell Challenge will enjoy exclusive access to the 2nd floor with its three bedrooms, two baths, and one private deck.  With four queen-sized beds and two parlors, the space comfortably accommodates two to eight trail runners at a time.  


Prices vary significantly depending on your needs. 

All runners will receive the following for general signup:

  • Satellite location-based tracking, and S.O.S. device
  • One drop off per day
  • One pick up per day per group
  • Driver near the course throughout the day
  •  Shirt if you complete the challenge
  • Two days of running

General Cost: The minimal cost is $450 with two people



  • Rental house – Cost depends on house
  • Meals at house – Cost per meal and person – $20
  • Aid/Extra Pickup/ Meal on the trail –  $15 per stop 


More data coming soon.


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